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Cutting edge
20.February.2015- The Hindu
The rhythm divine
16.February.2015- Deccan Herald
I see dance as a political instrument
14.February.2015- The Times of India
Dancing to the rhythms of The Past
08.February.2015- The Sunday Times
Choreographed to connect
05.February.2015- Livemint
Attakkalari dance fest from today
05.February.2015- The Hindu
A feast for the senses
05.February.2015- Deccan Herald
Decoding Memories Through Dance
05.February.2015- The New Indian Express
A feast for the senses
Nifty moves from the masters
04.February.2015- Bangalore Mirror
Attakkalari India Biennial 2015
02.February.2015- Whatshapp Bangalore
Attakkalari India Biennial 2015 Launch
14.August.2014- Buzzintown, Bangalore
A Trip Through Time
27.June.2014- Indian Express
A Dancelogue on Urban Life
12.June.2014- Deccan Chronicle
Dance as a language of expression
03.November.2013- The Telegraph
Learning experience
02.November.2013- The Telegraph
Rhythm beyond barriers
27.October.2013- The Telegraph
The dance of time
23.August.2013- The Hindu
Young Achievers
May.2013- Education World
A dancelogue with the city
08.December.2012- The Sunday Guardian
Let your body feel
02.December.2012- The Hindu
Across the arts
21.November.2012- The Hindu
The City Dances
21.November.2012- Indian Express
Showcase: Unsung songs of the past
17.November.2012- The Hindu
Glimpses of an urban journey
17.November.2012- Deccan Herald
AadhaaraChakra: Caught in the layers of memories
09.November.2012- Indian Express
Many disciplines on the move
08.November.2012- Deccan Herald
Dancing Cities
07.November.2012- live mint & The Wall Street Journal
Ignite the dancer within
03.November.2012- The Asian Age
Fuelling the fire for dance
03.November.2012- Deccan Herald
Dancing with the city
24.October.2012- live mint & The Wall Street Journal
Celebrating a decade of movement
18.October.2012- The Hindu
Dance, earn, live
23.July.2012- The Hindu
Discover the depth of dance
25.June.2012- Deccan Herald
Calling out to choreographers
07.June.2012- Deccan Herald
In dance, from Kobe country
31.May.2012- Deccan Chronicle
Dance feels the need
26.April.2012- The Asian Age
Rhythm in moves
23.April.2012- Deccan Chronicle
Dance & the cityscape
18.March.2012- Deccan Herald
Bang Bang
25.February.2012- DNA
Bang, bang on the bucks
22.February.2012- Deccan Chronicle

Depicting Interactive Spaces
03.February.2012- Deccan Herald
Dance Redefined
21.December.2011- The New Indian Express, Kochi
Attakkalari show in city today
17.December.2011- Times of India, Kochi
Experiments with emotions
15.December.2011- The Hindu, Chennai
‘Attakalari' to perform in Kochi
12.December.2011- The Hindu,Kochi
Meidhwaniyumaayi Attakkalari Kochiyil
10.December.2011- Mathrubhumi, Kochi
Energetic with tranquil moments
08.December.2011- The Hindu,Chennai
They move and groove: Mobile jig to hit city
29.November.2011- Times of India, Chennai
Martial matters
November.2011- Timeout Magazine, Bangalore
Sound and sensibility
25.November.2011- The Hindu
Call of the kalari
23.November.2011- The Hindu
Movements of utmost skill
18.November.2011- Deccan Herald
Sadlers Wells summer university program.
17.November.2011- Sadler Wells
The science in dance
09.November.2011- The Hindu
Language of dance
Dialogues through Danse
03.November.2011- Asian Age
Street Smart
November.2011- Fah Thai Magazine, Bangkok Airways
31.October.2011- Timeout Magazine, Bangalore
Steps across the line
09.October.2011- Express Buzz, Bangalore
In sync with himself
03.October.2011- Deccan Herald, Bangalore
The dancing life of Jayachandran Palazhy
02.October.2011- DNA, Bangalore
UNESCO-backed dance festival hits Seoul
02.October.2011- The Korea Times
When storm came calling
20.September.2011- Deccan Herald, Bangalore
Dancing to the 'Echoes of the body'
10.September.2011- Yahoo India
A treat for dance lovers
09.September.2011- Deccan Herald, Bangalore
Speaking bodies
Attakkalariya MeiDhwani
6.September.2011- Prajavani, Bangalore
Evocative images on stage
5.September.2011- Deccan Herald, Bangalore
Body, the final frontier
3.September.2011- The Hindu, Bangalore
Meivazhakkathinte Maattolikalkku Nritha Bhashyam
3.September.2011- Mathrubhumi, Kerala
Body Guy
2.September.2011- Timeout Magazine, Bangalore
Echoes of the body
27.August.2011- Bangalore Mirror, Bangalore
From what we remember...
28.August.2011- DNA, Bangalore
Energy and passion set in motion
23.August.2011- Deccan Herald, Bangalore.
Dance, Creativity and Multiplicity
Dance beyond limits
18.July.2011- Deccan Herald, Bangalore
When body movement is art
June issue.2011- Housecalls Magazine, Bangalore
When the ‘ugly' is in step with dance act
21.June.2011- The Hindu, Bangalore
Why Bengaluru likes martial arts
13.June.2011- Citizen Matters, Bangalore
The movements did all the talking
08.June.2011- Deccan Herald, Bangalore
Pain Drive
31.May.2011- TimeOut Magazine, Bangalore
Don't miss their winning moves
27.May.2011- The Hindu, Bangalore
Making the Right Moves
26.May.2011- The New Indian Express, Bangalore
Voyeur Transfer
29.Apr.2011- TimeOut Magazine, Bangalore, India
City-based dance troupe to shine at global forum
28. Apr. 2011- Bangalore Mirror, Bangalore, India
Dance your way around the globe...
31. Mar. 2011 - Daily Echo, Bournemouth, UK
The End of Performance Anxiety
25. Feb. 2011 -
Between Body and Mind
18. Feb. 2011 - The Hindu, New Delhi
Contemporary Dance sets Bangalore in Motion
03. Feb. 2011 - Scene Asia, The Wall Street Journal
Dancers of the World Unite
30. Jan. 2011 - Business Standard
Digital Dance
26. Jan. 2011 -
Attakkalari Biennial back in City
20. Jan. 2011 - The Hindu, Bangalore

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