Mobile Theatre


India’s performance infrastructure is not at par with its rich physical traditions. Most urban performance spaces are obsolete and inflexible, limiting the talent of Indian producers and artists. Moreover, numerous rural communities lack access to global technological and performance innovation. The art form, the artists, the producers, the technicians, and the audience suffer, as performance spaces are not able to allow fertile and free cross pollination of ideas.

Given its strong track record in stage technology innovation, international festivals, performance education and large-scale multi media production, Attakkalari proposes a sturdy, cost effective, compact Mobile Theatre. The facility would have essential sound, light and projection equipment with flexible seating, dismountable, sprung wooden dance floors and linoleum mats. The mobile nature of the theatre would allow audiences to access previously unseen work and empower rural artists to in turn bring cutting edge, innovative work to urban centers. The audience, artists and technicians would fuel each other’s sensitivity and imagination thus contributing to the performance form and education in India.

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Photography Credits: Alok Johri