Corporate Performances


Attakkalari’s Repertory Company has evolved a unique movement language and is at the forefront of interdisciplinary performance works in India. Drawing sustenance from India’s immense wealth of performance traditions, Attakkalari’s work is electrifyingly energetic and contemporary and reflects the vibrancy and diversity of today’s Indian society. The Repertory Company also caters to the requirements of its corporate audiences.

The Evening of Mixed Bill performances include shorter pieces which have been performed all over India and are eclectic with a wide variety of influences and movement languages including the sinuous Kalarippayattu, the Brazilian Capoeira, Classical Kathak , Bharatanatyam and Cinematic dance styles. Together they are integrated with contemporary dance using a fresh innovative approach, creating both energetic and lyrical pieces.


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Show Details
  • Performance Fee is dependent on the duration of the show.
  • 50 % Advance Payment required to confirm the show.
  • Minimum Stage Size (Clear Space) required:
  1. Width: 30 feet
  2. Depth: 24 Feet
  3. Ceiling Clearance: 12 Feet
  • Linoleum Dance Mat for the stage will be hired separately
  • Technical Requirements will be hired separately

For more information, please contact:

Aparna P Kochumon
Executive - Production & Programmes
Photography Credits: Alok Johri