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May 2019
Vol: 003


Here is how you can transform your deep passion for dance into a viable career option by training professionally and systematically at one of the leading contemporary dance schools in the world. Attakkalari Centre of Movement Arts has been consistently contributing and leading the development of Contemporary dance scene in India for the last 27 years of its existence and has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people perceive contemporary dance and movement arts. It has focused on every aspect of movement arts including research, training, education, choreography, productions, performances, festivals, seminars, exchange programmes and providing stage technologies solutions for national and international performance groups and festivals. With the motivation of transforming budding dancers into professionals who can meet the demands of international dance scene, Attakkalari established a much sought-after Diploma course in Movement Arts and Mixed Media in the year 2006- the most comprehensive full-time professional dance training programme in India. Bringing the knowledge and wisdom from the international performing arts scene as well as the rich Indian traditions, the Diploma programme has evolved as a very unique and much sought after programme today, providing platform to budding artists who want to pursue a career in dance hailing from across India and increasingly from other parts of the world too. Attakkalari’s Diploma programme is aimed at dancers who have the passion and the courage to follow their hearts. The intense classes taught by acclaimed international faculty and Indian masters as well as regular monitoring and guidance will transform the students and give them the skill sets, experience and confidence to be an International Dancer.

Graduates of the programme have gone on to study abroad, join many reputed dance companies and got opportunities to participate in many international Residency and Exchange programs as well as to pursue successful careers in Contemporary dance internationally. Today, there are also plenty of opportunities to do choreography and performance for theatre, films, television, fashion events, online platforms, corporate and social events as well as to become an instructor/teacher in schools, colleges, corporate houses, fitness centers as well as in the capacity of personal instructors. This carefully crafted programme is designed to enable young dancers with the requisite skills to work both in the performative and educational contexts, in India and internationally.

Auditions for the Diploma

Auditions for Attakkalari’s Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media have kicked off from January this year. As we are marching towards our graduation show and convocation, we are having more workshops/auditions to scout for the best of talents. Senior dancers have been conducting auditions across metros throughout India. The audition will take place in more cities in the country in the coming weeks as well as in the UK and Italy. Those who are not able to reach to any one of these places can also do the audition online by sending a video of them dancing along with their CVs.

Audition for the Diploma lays emphasis on assessing the participant’s physical awareness, overall coordination, strength, speed, flexibility, musicality and a sense of rhythm and space, comprehension, and most importantly, ability to imagine and be creative. Attakkalari is looking for individuals who have aptitude as well as talent and are keen to gain internationally acclaimed dance education.

Eligibility: -

Anybody who is interested in dance and movement arts can participate in the workshop.

Criteria for participation: -
1. Candidates should be 16 years of age or above and should have completed Standard XII level of education or above.
2. No prior training in dance is needed. We are more interested in the potential of the candidate rather than previous training. The workshop/audition will test the general physical awareness, coordination, musicality, sense of space, cognition and imagination of the participant.

Upcoming auditions:
Bangalore – 8 June 2019
Chennai – 8 June 2019
Nagpur-16 June
Trivandrum – 22 June 2019
Kozhikode – 22 June 2019
Bangalore - 22 June
Hyderabad – 22 June 2019
Guwahati - 23 June
Pondicherry – 29June
Mumbai-7 July
Coimbatore – 13 July
Bangalore- 5 July
Bangalore-27 July

Registration: -

To register for audition please click  here.

You can also audition online by sending a short video of you performing a solo, along with your resume to education@attakkalari.org.

If you belong to any other city and would like to participate in the auditions, do let us know at education@attakkalari.org or +91-98117-37441.

In the News
The Bengaluru Youth Dance Project

Santhulan is a special and inclusive platform that brings the professional and the amateur together. It encourages and cheers all enthusiasts of dance - be it working professionals, students, home makers, artists, theatre professionals, moms, dads, young adults, teens and kids as well as professional dancers. May 4, 2019 was an evening filled with scintillating performances in Contemporary Dance, Bharatanatyam and Kalarippayattu by young dancers of Bangalore. It celebrated the culmination of two most gratifying community dance projects at Attakkalari – The Bangalore Youth Dance Project and the Summer Camp. Nearly 100 ardent dancers shared the stage with the members of Attakkalari Dance Company.

After the evening filled with exuberant performances by the youngsters of Bengaluru on May 4, we are now all set to kick off the next edition of the Bengaluru Youth Dance Project led by expert professionals where highly motivated and passionate dance enthusiasts can enroll regardless of their background. The course will culminate with another exhuberant Santhulan Showcase in December 2019.

As part of the community dance project we are launching number of short-term innovative courses in different styles of dance, martial arts, yoga, fitness and theatre for aspiring dance enthusiasts from 5 years and above.

We are now taking registrations for:

* Contemporary Dance *Kalarippayattu *Classical Dance forms Bharatanatyam and Kathak *Fusion Dance *Yoga * Fitness & Body Conditioning * Zumba, Bollywood * Taekwondo * Karate *Acrobatics

This is an opportunity not to be missed, where learning is enjoyable, fun, brilliant and yet at times challenging in a good way, helping to find the dancer in you, thus bringing positive transformations to your life. The courses will provide new skills, techniques and movement ideas; nurture musicality, versatility and creativity. It ends with a final performance – Santhulan- by the participants of Bangalore Youth Dance Project.

Enroll soon to avail attractive discounts for early birds and for those who pay upfront for 3 months at a time. If you crave to express yourself through dance or have a desire to get acquainted with various dance forms, this is the right place for you.

Come, join the troupe for an amazing learning experience.

For more information, contact:

Education Outreach Coordinator
@ 9972946273
or write to activities@attakkalari.org.

Rangamandala - a versatile space

Attakkalari is proud to announce Rangamandala, an intimate performance space with an attractive ambience which can host dance, theatre, conference, music, workshop and any specially designed event. Rangamandala, located in the Attakkalari building in Wilson Garden in Bangalore is equipped with sprung wooden stage and linoleum mat, state of the art light and projection facilities. This is a great venue for an intimate performance and the space offers a very seamless transition between the performance area and the audience enhancing the overall experience of the viewers. The 100-seater Rangamandala is also great space for workshops and conferences as illustrated by a philosophy summer camp conducted as part of Barefoot Philosophers, mentored by Prof. Sundar Sarukkai and an information session on the International Leadership programme conducted by The Australian Council for the Arts. The space is now ready to take bookings. For further information please contact: tmt.admin@attakkalari.org

Philosophy Summer Camp

Organised by the Barefoot Philosphers and held at Rangamandala the Philosophy Summer Camp brought out the ‘stories from the little people’ and placed them at the centre stage. Led by renowned philosopher and unique thinker Prof. Sundar Sarukkai, the camp had a series of interactive sessions in which young minds argued about various topics from the past, present and even future on 11-12 May. The session aimed at cultivating the hidden philosophers that reside in each one of us. A series of mind-twisting questions popped up, leading to unearthing new ideas and formulations, thus helping the participants to develop their thinking skills. All the discussions were carried out in the most interactive way making them very lively and truly enjoyable. The overwhelming response from the public resulted in a similar philosophy camp on May 18 and 19.

International Engagement and Leadership Program 2019

On April 27, 2019, the Australian Council for the Arts held a session on Leadership Programs for mid-career and established arts professionals at Rangamandala. Nithya Nagarajan, who serves as International Market Advisor, South East Asia at the Australian Council for arts gave valuable insights for the audience about the Arts Leaders Program and the Future Leaders Program.
More information here.

Special Events and Projects
August with the Masters

The month of August brings with it a lot of enthusiasm and action at Attakkalari by launching August with Masters. Attakkalari will introduce different somatic and performance disciplines that will be leading this one-month intensive training programme, starting from August 12, 2019.

This also means that Attakkalari studios will be abuzz with classes in different strands of Contemporary Dance, William Forsythe’s Improvisation Technology, Ballet, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Tevarattam, Yoga, Kalarippayattu, Taekwondo, Fitness and Body Conditioning, Hip Hop, Zumba, Salsa, Bollywood Moves and many more.

Classes shall be tailored for both beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. Batches and time slots will be tailormade to suit the needs of children, teenagers and adults as well as for students and working professionals.

If you are 40 years or above and really wish to shape up and hit the dance floor but have not done so for some time, do not fret. Here is a very special programme just for you: “Mature Movers”, conceptualized by our artistic director Jayachandran Palazhy. This will definitely bring spring in your steps and add music to your movements and life.

P.S-We have also special weekend modules for those who cannot make it to the weekday sessions.
For details, visit: www.attakkalari.org or write to activities@attakkalari.org

ICAM: Incubation center for the arts and media

Attakkalari launched the Incubation Centre for the Arts and Media during the Interim festival held in Rangashankara from  1 to 10 February 2019. In the first phase of ICAM, Attakkalari hosted a residency for 6 Indian dance artists who collaborated with Andrea Pena and Artists (Canada), Salvatore Lombardo, Dario Greco and Davide Valrosso (Italy), Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul (UK) and created magnificent works that was featured in the Attakkalari Interim Festival 2019. The first phase of ICAM has been very rewarding and a huge success for Korean dancers, So Jung Park and Sang -Ruly Han also.
After the grand success of first phase of ICAM 2019, it fills us with immense pride to mention that three professional dancers from Attakkalari  - Nihal Pasha, Virendra Nishad and Arathy Attamkattil Radhakrishnan will join Davide Valrosso to present their work as part of Secret Florence and Fabbrica Europa Festival in Italy. They will have further performances in Rome, Ancona and Verbania too. Their trip is part of an International cultural exchange project “Crossing the Sea” supported by Govt. of Italy.
Another success story from the ICAM is the UK tour of “Chandini” multimedia dance project by Hemabharathy Palani, Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul. Hemabharathy is also collaborating with acclaimed star of Italian music scene Gianni Moroccolo in a unique performance as part of Secret Florence on 14 June.
ICAM is poised to grow into an artists’ led initiative that will help them to explore, prototype, produce, perform and tour original performances. It will surely further push the boundaries of the contemporary dance scene in India and will help to foster international collaborations and partnerships. State of the art studio spaces, fully furnished accommodation facilities, high quality technical equipments, fully qualified technical team of the ‘TransMedia Technlogies’ and dedicated admin team make ICAM a dream of artists. If need further details or if you have a project or partnership in mind, then do write to hr@attakkalari.org

Mobile Academy

After fabulously successful recent stints at Presidency University (Kolkata) and IIT (Hyderabad), Srishti School of Arts and Design and National School of Drama (Bangalore) Attakkalari’s Mobile academy will be travelling this time to Canadian International School for a three-day intensive workshop. The final day will witness a performance piece choreographed by the accomplished faculty members of Attakkalari led by our Artistic Director, Mr. Jayachandran Palazhy.

As part of the mobile academy partnerships a successful workshop for students of Soundarya School in Bangalore was conducted during their summer camp which was a big success too.

Mobile Academy will take particular care to customize the engagements with academica institutions as well as corporate houses to meet their specific needs. In the coming academic year, Attakkalari Mobile Academy is poised to forge many partnerships with leading education institutions in India. Please watch this space for updates.

If you want to have a flavor of this creative programme. Please write to us at connect@attakkalari.org

Spaarkk off your ideas with Attakkalari

Attakkalari is launching “Spaarkk”, a new platform for curated events. Aimed to spark off new thoughts, practices and ventures in the arts, “Spaarkk” will welcome ideas/ projects that are nascent or fully developed. If you have an interesting idea to curate dance, theatre and music performances, residencies, workshops, visual and digital art events, poetry readings, talks, discourses, seminars etc. then please do get in touch with us.

Attakkalari has 4 spacious studios with sprung wooden floors, linoleum dance mats and mirrors, 1 performance space that can seat 100 people with a 32 ft x 24 ft stage area and 6 rooms in 2 furnished apartments for residencies. You are free to imagine your programme as an ‘on stage’ event, or a multi-floor, multi-space promenade event, a durational encounter, performance over lunch, tea or supper. Your proposal should include the nature and duration of the proposed event, list of expected participants/audience and the facilities required.

The initiative is technically supported by the acclaimed Transmedia Technologies – the one-stop solution for all stage technology requirements.

For further information, contact: tmt.admin@attakkalari.org or hr@attakkalari.org

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