Diploma in Movement Arts & Mixed Media

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In 2006, Attakkalari launched its Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media, the first of its kind in India. This carefully crafted programme is designed to enable young dancers with the requisite skills to work both in the performative and educational contexts, in India and internationally.

The programme prepares technically sound and strong performers adept in varied movement approaches and provides an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to evolve into creative, aware and thinking practitioners of the art of dance and dance-making.  Attakkalari’s pioneering research over the past years into Indian physical traditions and the wealth of knowledge from its large pool of international artists is enormously beneficial to the course.

Currently, Attakkalari is offering a one-year certification and reputed teachers of Indian physical traditions, contemporary dance, ballet and other movement techniques, choreographers and leading practitioners in the fields of digital and sonic arts comprise the regular and visiting faculty. The course is physically demanding and lays emphasis on body conditioning and technique classes, ensuring correct body posture and alignment, safe movement practices, balance, strength and flexibility. Body conditioning classes combine Kalarippayattu, Yoga and sports training strategies and are supported by classes in basic Anatomy.

Technique classes include the movement languages of Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Bharatanatyam and Ballet among others. Creative exercises consist of movement improvisation and introduction to choreographic techniques. Brief modules in Light Design, Dance Pedagogy, Philosophy, and Art History are also part of the curriculum.

Graduates of the program have gone on to join the Attakkalari Repertory, Residency and Exchange programs in the UK and elsewhere and to pursue internationally successful careers in Contemporary dance, Physical theatre, Choreography, Teaching, etc.

The academic year is from September to August. The fee is Rupees One lakh Twentyfive Thousand per annum. The fee for international student is Three Thousand Five Hundred Euro per annum.

Artistes from around the globe spanning a range of movement and allied disciplines spend time sharing their knowledge with students of Attakkalari’s Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media and dancers of the Attakkalari repertory. 

Call for Auditions

Auditions have now begun for the intake of students for the next batch of diploma commencing in September 2016. Auditions in Bangalore are being held on a rolling basis. If you would like to  participate in the diploma auditions in Bangalore, please register here.

If you belong to any other city / country and would like to participate in the auditions, do let us know by writing to us at education@attakkalari.org or talk to us on +9180 2212 3684 / 4146 7690

For more information, please contact:

Rowshini Karunanithi
Manager - Projects Development & Public Relations,
Email: projects@attakkalari.org

Photography Credits: David Coleman