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MAY, 2015
Vol: 002


Have you ever coveted an accomplished and fulfilling career in dance or movement arts but haven’t found the right avenue for qualified professional training? Wait no further, time to spring into action!

Attakkalari centre for movement arts is now inviting aspirants to audition for the tenth batch of its one-year Diploma in movement arts and mixed media. This first-of-its-kind-in-India, full-time comprehensive training programme is unique and is carefully designed to equip young dancers with the requisite skills, to work as a dance maker, performer and educationist within and outside India.

The programme prepares technically sound and strong artists adept in various movement approaches and provides an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to evolve into creative, aware and thinking practitioners of the art of dance and dance-making. Reputed teachers of Indian physical traditions, Contemporary dance, Ballet and other movement techniques comprise the regular and visiting faculty. Choreographers and leading practitioners in the fields of Digital & Sonic arts, Light Design, Dance Pedagogy and Art History introduce the students to contemporary professional practices.

The course is physically demanding and lays emphasis on a variety of somatic technique classes which complement each other; ensuring correct body posture and alignment, safe movement practices, balance, strength and flexibility. Former graduates of the diploma have gone on to join the Attakkalari Talent Academy and Repertory, Residency and Exchange programs abroad, and to pursue internationally successful careers in Contemporary dance, Physical theatre, Choreography, Teaching, etc.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, do come and audition to secure your seat! Auditions have begun in Bangalore and are also being planned in a few other cities. For details on auditions in various cities, watch out for the information here.

To register for the auditions, write to attakkalari@gmail.com or click here. For more details about the diploma, do visit our website www.attakkalari.org or talk to us on +91 80 22123684 / 41467690.

In the News
Sanchaari Mobile Theatre

Performance at Manipal University, Manipal
Attakkalari will be performing two of its multimedia dance productions as a special evening event at The Third International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference 2015 that is being held at Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal University in Manipal. The team will present excerpts from Aadhaarachakra, a mesmerizing multimedia production and also showcase a work in progress – Bhinna Vinyasa that explores visual images that find expressivity through imaginations that tentatively alludes to ancient idea of atman and paramatman as well as the Deleuzian “post-humanist future, in which the world has been enriched by a multiplicity of non-human agencies”, rendering the coordinates of time and space elastic.
The event will be held on 6th June, 2015 at 6.45 pm at the Gangugbai Hanagal Auditorium, Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Dr TMA Pai Planetarium Complex, Manipal. For details, contact 0820-2923561.

Performance in Kochi and Hyderabad
Attakkalari’s evocative and emotionally charged multimedia production Aadhaarachakra, a full-length dancelogue, will be showcased on 5th July, 2015 at the JT Performing Arts Centre (JTPAC) in Kochi, Kerala.
Aadhaarachakra traverses intangible spaces, taking the audience to distant lands, architecture and memories as well as, vivid contemporary urban landscapes and experiences.
Attakkalari's repertory company will also be performing at the University of Hyderabad, Prof. C. R. Rao Road, Hyderabad on 8th July, 2015.

TET – Attakkalari Fellowship

Tata Education Trust – Attakkalari fellowship is an initiative under Attakkalari’s The Way of the Masters programme. The fellowship is aimed at providing young and emerging contemporary performing artists, access and insight into the Guru/Shishya tradition and to allow for intense yet organic learning of a traditional performing or martial art in the native milieu for a month. The fellowship will enable the selected candidate to travel to a training centre in one of the chosen performing or martial art forms and to train on site.
Attakkalari will select one candidate each year from the performing arts community within the country. Applicants must be a resident of India, below the age of 35 years and have a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in the performing arts.

Online applications are now open for TET-Attakkalari Fellowship 2015. The selected candidate must be able to complete the onsite training within September 2015. Last date to apply is 31st July, 2015. To apply online, click here. For more details and clarifications, please write to hr@attakkalari.org.

Upcoming Events
Introducing Countertechnique

The introductory workshop by Niharika Senapati on Countertechnique® is a one-of-its-kind opportunity for local dancers, performing artists and the community alike to get familiarized with a movement system that provides tools for body and mind to deal with the demanding dance practice of the 21st century.
It results in dancers using less energy, losing their fear of taking risks and, gaining speed in changing direction.
The workshop will be held on 17th and 18th of June, 2015 from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm at Attakkalari studios in Wilson Garden. The overall participation fee will be Rs.500.

Intensive Monthly Workshops

Encouraged by the successful Bharatanatyam and summer workshops, Attakkalari has now come up with a resourceful initiative to offer short-term intensive workshops every month in Contemporary dance, Kalaripayattu and other Indian traditional performing arts, Physical theatre and Light design. These monthly workshops will comprise of twenty-five (25) hours of training culminating with a presentation.
If interested in any of the modules mentioned above, please let us know by filling in your details here or drop an email to attakkalari@gmail.com. The class schedule for each monthly workshop will be updated latest by the 25th day of the preceding month on Attakkalari’s website and Facebook page.

Artistic Director at the O.P.E.N, Singapore
A pre-festival of ideas, the O.P.E.N. (Open, Participate, Engage, Negotiate) is a public engagement initiative from the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) that offers 18 days of exploration. Attakkalari’s Artistic Director, Jayachandran Palazhy has also been invited to be a part of it.
As part of the O.P.E.N. Exhibition Series, the organizing team will host an exhibition / installation of Attakkalari's groundbreaking research project NAGARIKA.
The exhibition will open on 1st July, 2015 at 7:00 pm and run through 4th July, 2015. The Artistic Director will also deliver a public presentation on 1st July, 2015 at 7.30 pm. The aforementioned activities will take place at 72-13, located at 72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road in Singapore.

For more details about the event, please visit here.
Rehearsal Director at International Events

Hemabharathy Palani, the Rehearsal Director of the Attakkalari Repertory, was part of a dance tour in Brazil (Tournée 2015 – Brazil Solos de Stuttgart, Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart) during the months of April – May, 2015. The tour was organized by Marcelo Santos - the founder and director of dance art - of the acclaimed international Solo-Tanz-Theatre festival held annually at Stuttgart, Germany.
The tour involved performances in three difference dance festivals held at Salvador (Viva Dança Festival Internacional), Natal (Encontro Internacional de Dança Contemporânea) and Curitiba (Mostra Paranaense de Dança) in Brazil. Apart from performing, Hemabharathy also had an opportunity to present a workshop on Cultural Exchange for the local theatre artists.

Photo Credits: Thierry Hauswald, Rajanikanth, Pippa Dodds, NP Jayan and Attakkalari.

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