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August 2018
Vol: 004



Body Matters: Move To Transform
August 8 - 11, 2018 | NGMA & Chowdiah Memorial Hall

Team Attakkalari is proud to bring to you the first edition of Body Matters: Move To Transform, Arts in Education festival of Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts with electrifying performances at Chowdiah Memorial Hall on 9, 10 & 11 August at 6.30 pm and an international Arts Education Summit at the National Gallery of Modern Arts (NGMA) on 8 August from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Exhilarating Graduation Show featuring 50 dancers of Attakkalari’s 2-year professional dance course - Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media - is a testimony to their arduous but wholesome and transformative journey – learning moves, learning life, learning to find themselves. Choreographed by acclaimed international contemporary dance choreographers and masters of Indian performance and physical traditions, the Diploma Graduation Shows are not to be missed and are from 9 - 11 August at 6.30 pm at Chowdiah. On 10 August at 6.30 pm at Chowdiah the prestigious Attakkalari Dance Company presents its much acclaimed multimedia dance production Bhinna Vinyasa, which had a rousing reception in Europe and China and will be on a tour to Canada and Spain in September & October, supported by the ICCR. The international Arts Education Summit is at NGMA on 8 August from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm deliberating the role of the body and movement arts in education and the various ways to construct a positive and responsive body, with enhanced physical and mental agility and cognition. The sessions in the summit range from gender, inclusivity, images and imagination, brain and neuroplasticity, digital learning and more. Essence International - a residency for dancers, performing artistes and stage technologists is currently taking place leading up to the festival. The Festival is organised by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in partnership with Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and supported by The Fanuc India (Pvt) Ltd., TNQ Ltd., Instituto Cervantes, Embassy of Spain in India, Italian Institute of Culture, Italian Consul General (Mumbai), InKO Centre (Chennai) and Centre for Contemporary Dance Cologne, Germany. The Arts Education Summit is organised by Attakkalari in collaboration with The Teacher Foundation with the support of The Philosophy Programme at the National Institute of Advanced Studies.

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Body Matters: Move To Transform Festival proudly presents the graduation shows of the 2017-18 batch of the Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media at Chowdiah Hall at 6.30pm from August 9 – 11 featuring captivating performances by the 50 graduating dancers and choreographed by renowned international choreographers and Indian masters.

The first of its kind and the only comprehensive professional course in contemporary dance in India to date, this carefully crafted programme takes young dancers selected through audition from across India through a gruelling two years prepping them up for the stage ahead. Providing an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment, students are encouraged to evolve into creative, aware and thinking practitioners of the art of dance and dance-making. Classes range from different styles of Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Bharatanatyam, Anatomy, Healthier Dance Programme for body-conditioning and injury prevention, History of Arts and Aesthetics as well as Light Design, to learning distilled vocabulary of Bharatanatyam and  idioms of Kalarippayattu and Chhau as well as modules in enactment techniques of dance-theatre Kootiyattam and folk vocabulary from Devarattam and Silambham.

Tickets for the Graduation Shows and Bhinna Vinyasa are priced at INR 500/- and 200/- and are available at Attakkalari. For details, call +919972950973 / +918041467690 / +918022123684 or write to <accounts@attakkalari.org>

Tickets are also available online on Bookmyshow & EventsHigh and at the venue (Chowdiah Hall) on 9, 10 & 11 August 2018 | 5 pm onwards.


After an extremely well-received tour of Europe, China and India in 2017, Attakkalari is proud to present this enhanced version of Bhinna Vinyasa at Chowdiah Hall, Bangalore at 6.30 pm on 10 August before they embark on a tour across Canada and Spain in September & October 2018 with the support of the ICCR.

In an allegorical narrative alluding to human situations and predicament set in the times of migration, Bhinna Vinyasa mixes memory, experience and imagination of individuals caught up in tumultuous changes where locations and conditions are continuously shifting. Images of metaphysical journeys prompted by internal and external forces morph with the recollections of contemporary lived experiences where the archetypes, mundane and the imaginary coalesce to create the sensorial narrative of the piece. Mapping the fractured fragments of dreams, desires, hopes and stark realities in the context of migration, rapid urbanization and environmental shifts, Bhinna Vinyasa will lead you through an immersed visceral experience.

Artistic Director Jayachandran Palazhy and the brilliant dancers of internationally renowned Attakkalari Dance Company collaborated with Luca Brinchi (digital artist -Italy), Andrés Morte Terés (Dramaturge - Spain), Martin Lutz (composer- Germany) and esteemed Carnatic musicians - K R V Pulikeshi (Nattuvangam), Balasubramanya Sharma (Vocal), P Janardhana (Mridangam) to create the captivating visual and aural images of this production.) Shymon Chelad, and Andrea Narese have designed the lights for the production. Bhinna Vinyasa is co-produced by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (Bangalore), Fondazione Fabbrica Europa (Florence) and TNQ Pvt Ltd. with the support of Ministry of Culture (Govt. of India) and Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan.

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This one-day conference is at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Bangalore,  and is organized in collaboration with The Teacher Foundation and with the support of the Philosophy Programme at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan and CCD Cologne, exploring the role of the Arts in the wider education. While focusing on the role of dance and Movement Arts education as a curricular or non-curricular activity in schools and colleges as well as providing dance services to the wider community, the seminar brings in expertise, experience and perspectives from other allied disciplines. Examining the various ways to construct a positive and responsive body that can engage with contemporary life in a fuller way, the summit aims to explore the role of the body in education as well as possible ways to introduce and inculcate inclusive practices and nurture diversity in class rooms in terms of social, cultural, gender-based and linguistic differences. It will explore ways in which an individual, particularly a student can be helped to embody knowledge so that he/she can be fully present in his/her body rather than shying away from it.

Speakers at the Summit: • Prof. Sundar Sarukkai, National Institute of Advanced  Studies • Prof. Shekhar P. Seshadri, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS • Maya Menon, Founder-Director, The Teacher Foundation • Parminder Gill, Cofounder & Head of Business Development, EduSports • Nina Patricia Haenel, lecturer at the Centre for Contemporary Dance (CCD), University for Music and Dance in Cologne, Germany along with German dance artist Ronja Nadler • Jayachandran Palazhy, Artistic Director, Attakkalari

Participation is open through registration.
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Ronja Nadler, Dancer, choreographer and teacher for contemporary dance based at Center for Contemporary Dance Cologne, Germany arrives in Bangalore to take a 2-day workshop on Contemporary Dance & Choreography. Open to college going students and to wider dance community, this special workshop will show how to improve your dancing and choreographic skills.

Ronja graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Dissemination at Center for Contemporary Dance Cologne. She has worked as teacher for Contemporary Dance Technique for the dance formation Yante- I Can Move in Ramallah /Palestine, a programme for aspiring professional dancers in Palestine. She has assisted Royston Maldoom (acclaimed choreographer whose collaboration with Berlin Philharmonic principal conductor Simon Rattle featuring 250 German students was the subject of the award winning  film Rhythm Is It) in his Community dance Project, Le Sacre du Printemps in Ramallah. A member Freiraum Ensemble, an artistic collective, Ronja’s work  ZEITZONEN, for the new talents biennale cologne 2014 was awarded with the ‘First KunstSalon- Choreography-Price’. Dissemination of dance as an artform to people from all walks of life is her mission.




Aug. 6 – 7, 2018
5.30pm - 7pm & 7.30pm - 9pm 
If you are a community person with a keen interest to get your foot tapping, enrol today and learn to express yourself through your body! Enroll in either of the batches for INR 500 only!
Aug. 9 - 10, 2018
3pm – 5pm
Open to college students only. Produce a valid ID and enroll today for a game-changing Dance Movement experience, at no extra charge!

To register for the workshop please click here

Partnering with Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Instituto Cervantes, Embassy of Spain in India (Delhi), Italian Institute of Culture and Italian Consul General (Mumbai) and the Centre for Contemporary Dance (Cologne), the ongoing Essence International dance camp that started on July 23 is in progress with intensive sessions led by acclaimed choreographers and movement artists from across the globe, providing participating dancers with insights to become accomplished professional artistes in the performing arts arena. Participants receive focused and advanced training as well as mentorship from experts in Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Kalarippayattu, Yoga, Gyrokenesis and Feldenkrais Method.

Currently, Back-Hee Ryou from Korea, lighting director of the Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics 2018 as well as the National Theatre of Korea and the National Contemporary Dance Company,  is also leading a light design certification programme at Attakkalari in partnership with InKo Centre (Chennai) and the TransMedia Technologies. Light designers, technicians and people interested in stage technologies from across India are participating in this course gaining skills. Participants will also get hands on experience while interning at the Body Matters: Move to Transform Festival.  The second part of the course will be in January linked to Attakkalari India Biennial. For details email to tmt.admin@attakkalari.org


Led by Artistic Director Jayachandran Palazhy, senior dancers of Attakkalari Dance Company and students of Attakkalari’s Diploma in Movement Arts & Mixed Media will collaborate with the faculty and students of the Design Department of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad on a week-long residency culminating in a multimedia performance -Time Shadows.

“Light illuminates and casts shadows. What is cast, is a profile. A pure profile of the object illuminated. To move between light and the dark means to move between illuminations and profiles; between objects and their outlines. What does it mean to move between the full presence of an object and the emptiness of its profile, between that which was brought to light in the past and the shadow that it now casts?” Shadow artists from IIT (Hyderabad) and movement artists from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (Bangalore) explore moving shadows inspired by the Qutub Shahi Tombs (Hyderabad) in Time Shadows, a 30-minute-long site-specific promenade performance, at the Academic Block A Courtyard, IIT Hyderabad  at 7:00 pm on 17 August, 2018.

Photo Credits: Marco Caselli Nirmal,  Rajkumar Samuel and Attakkalari

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