Contemporary Dance




Contemporary dance can be conceived as a new way of thinking about dance today, a form of expression through movement that processes memory, experience and imagination. The emphasis of contemporary dance is on:

+ Originality
+ Innovation
+ Creativity
+ Interdisciplinarity

Contemporary dance engages with daily concerns, issues and experiences and offers immense possibilities of integrating technology in dance. Many of the best contemporary dance performances are a spectacle of light, sound, digital arts and movement, unleashing creativity to its zenith. It goes beyond the narrative form of expression and becomes a total sensorial experience for the audience, a visual poetry of sorts.

Contemporary dance truly represents the globalized ethos of today, thriving on cultural exchange, breaking barriers of language, and yet projecting a sense of the unique culture of a region on to a world arena. Contemporary forms of expression grew in strength since the early part of the 20th century in Europe and the US and later spread to all parts of the world.

In India too, it is a niche form of expression that is finding an increasing number of patrons and audiences.




Photography Credits:
David Coleman