Spaarkk 2020 – A platform for curated arts

Spaarkk 2020 is an initiative by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, supported by Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council) India through the Now On Grant.

As artists and audiences, it is now time to unlock and reimagine how we create and experience art in the times of restriction. Spaarkk 2020 is a platform for curated performances, events, screenings, talks, discussions and workshops related to the arts where new ideas and initiatives will be developed and facilitated through our robust digital and physical infrastructure. We invite ideas that are nascent or fully developed related to movement or performing arts such as dance, music and theatre as well as film, literature, visual arts, digital/multimedia and trans-disciplinary art for presentation or curation. Attakkalari will host and present a series of hybrid events from September 26th to December 13th, including both online and offline programs by established and emerging artists from near and far. You can be a part of Sparkk 2020 too, and join our global arts community!

Open Call for Proposals

If you are a practitioner of any arts or a thinker, we invite you to participate in Spaarkk2020 by proposing your events/presentations/workshops/talks/discussions. If you have an interesting idea, submit your proposal to us using the form below. You will find more details and guidelines for the proposal with the form. All curation, scheduling and promotion for Spaarkk will be handled by the team at Attakkalari. Shortlisted ideas will be contacted one week within proposal submission for a further discussion.

Submit your proposal here.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned as we reveal the line up for Spaarkk 2020!

For any queries, write to (within working hours only).

For more information, please contact:

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