An Immersive Intensive in Light Design & Interactive Stage Technologies


With Jonathan O’Hear -(Swiss Light Designer & Digital Artist working with Interactive Technologies)

Here’s a great opportunity for aspiring light designers and digital artists in India! An IMMERSIVE INTENSIVE with acclaimed Swiss Artist Jonathan O’ Hear will be held in Bengaluru in November. Organised by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (Bangalore) with the support of Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia (New Delhi), the intensive will be facilitated by TransMedia Technologies owing to their dedicated crew, expertise and long years of experience in the field. The 10-day intensive will be in the mode of a co-learning lab, aided by equipment and technicians. This residency will help participants to gain cutting-edge skill sets and design sensibilities in using light, interactivity, AI and video mapping and other emerging stage technologies for performances and events. Starting on 16th November (Wednesday), the intensive will have both practical experiments and theoretical discussions and will culminate with a public process presentation on 26th November (Saturday)

About the facilitator

Trained as a filmmaker, Jonathan O’Hear’s work is primarily lumino-kinetic in the form of objects, scenographies and light which are often interactive and technological. His artworks (installation, video, web and plastic art) have been exhibited in Switzerland, France, Ireland, and India and his stage designs have toured internationally. From 2013 to 2017, he was artistic co-director of the contemporary dance company, Neopost Foofwa in Geneva, where he designed scenographies, lights, art installations and some performances. He also gives workshops around the world on the use of space and light as an artistic medium. Portfolio link
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What you will take away from the residency:

This co-learning residency will encourage participants to explore and find innovative ways of using stage technologies while reaffirming time-tested and existing knowledge of different types of equipment, and sharing know-how to handle them effectively. A combination of lectures and practical exercises will help participants understand the concept of light design in conjunction with other elements of stage technologies better. The residency will equip prospective or practicing designers with up-to-date skill sets to design and execute performances and other events while also providing requisite skills and technical know-how to handle equipment following necessary safety standards.

Details of the Immersive Intensive

Week 1: ● Introduction to (some of) the endless possibilities ● Introduction to technology in a live performance from a historical perspective. How does technology make its way into the live performance toolbox? ● A.I. what can we do with it today, tomorrow? Video projection ● Basic video projection ● Basic video mapping Video as light ● Live video mapping Surfaces Interfacing ● inputs to outputs Sensors ● EEG ● Data ● Movement sensor Kinect ● LEDs ● Basic LED lighting Building a light source Integrated lights Massive LED arrays Note: In addition to theory, some time will be set aside every day of the week for participants to conceptualise a small project. And each day, projects will be refined in light of discussions and experimentations done. On the first day of week two, we start building the actual projects. Week 2: • Personal projects • Gathering all the equipment building • Adapting to the process showing • Organising an archive for sharing with others


Venue: Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts is a premiere contemporary dance organization in India. Attakkalari facilitates the development of India’s contemporary dance particularly in the realm of education, training, research, choreography, productions, performances, festivals and stage technologies. As an organization invested in trans-disciplinary exchanges and collaborations, Attakkalari has developed strategic global partnerships and produced many international arts projects and events. Driven by its motto ‘Traditional physical wisdom, Innovation and Technology', Attakkalari has successfully brought together knowledge and wisdom from Indian physical and performance traditions and blended them meaningfully with information and skills created elsewhere in the world. Attakkalari has transformed Bangalore as a hub for contemporary dance in India and is now working towards establishing a new “Centre for Innovation in Performing Arts” (CIPA) in the city. For further information:

TransMedia Technologies holds an impeccable track record of technically producing all of Attakkalari’s productions for over two decades. In addition, they have also lent technical support to leading dance, theatre and music groups from across the globe. Equipped with imaginative designers, sensitised technicians and state-of-the-art equipment for light, projections, sound and props including projection surfaces as well as linoleum dance mats, TransMedia Technologies is a one-stop solutions provider for all the technical requirements for live shows, installations, exhibitions, conferences, film, video and photo shoots. For further information, visit

Registration Link and Cotact Person:

You can register here for the course: For support: contact Vilson K J, Vilson K J, Head, TransMedia Technologies, C/o Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Address: 377/22, 6th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore – 560027 Mob:+91 99454 46116 email;


INR 12,000/- plus 18% GST 
Early Bird discounted fee (For the first 5 paid registrations): 10,000/- - plus 18% GST

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