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Department of Traditional and Folk Performing Arts at Attakkalari

India has a vast heritage of performance forms not just in the classical genre but also folk and martial art traditions. Most of this information is passed on orally and wider access to the Masters is in general difficult. The Department of Traditional and Folk Performing Arts, started at Attakkalari last year, enables exchange of knowledge & ideas between masters and young contemporary dance artists through specially designed programmes such as ‘Way of the Master' series.

Masters from traditional performing arts, martial arts and body care systems conduct classes for the students of Attakkalari's Diploma in Movement Arts & Mixed Media as well as dancers of the Repertory offering them the possibility of developing local identities in Contemporary Dance practices in India. This training and exposure helps the students inform their own contemporary practices with knowledge from Indian traditions as well as offering the Masters a chance to interact with students from varied movement backgrounds. By introducing students of the Diploma and dancers of the Repertory to various traditional forms and particularly the concepts of body and principles of movement embedded in them, the department enables them to explore different Indian movement approaches.

Tata Education Trust - Attakkalari Fellowship: 'Way of the Masters'

Tata Education Trust- Attakkalari Fellowship is an initiative under Attakkalari's ‘Way of the Masters’ programme. The fellowship is aimed at providing young and emerging contemporary performing artists access and insight into the Guru/Shishya tradition and to allow for intense yet organic learning of a traditional performing art or martial art in the native milieu for a month. If you have a background as well as a keen interest in the performing arts or martial arts and have at least 2 years of professional training, then you can apply for this fellowship. You should also be interested in the traditional performing arts and be able to undergo training in the traditional settings for a month.

The fellowship will enable the selected candidate to travel to a training centre in one of the chosen performing art or martial art forms and to train on site. This fellowship envisages existing practitioners of traditional Indian movement forms to train further in their chosen forms or explore lesser known forms in their natural settings. Opportunity to train intensely in a physical or performance tradition for a month and get immersed in the traditional atmosphere is provided to encourage the candidate to explore the possibility of developing new movement vocabularies.

Fellowship support

The Fellowship will provide a stipend of Rs 18,150 to the chosen participant to meet his/her expenses for the month; a maximum of Rs 24,200 for travel and accommodation as well as an honorarium of Rs 18,150 for the Guru.


Attakkalari will select one candidate each year from the performing arts community within the country. Applicants must be a resident of India, below the age of 35 years and have a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in the performing arts. The selected candidate must be able to complete the onsite training within November 2016. On completing the Fellowship, they will be evaluated by the Master of the form as well as Attakkalari’s Artistic Director. The candidate will also be required to submit a brief report and photographic documentation of the time spent at the chosen organisation by Decemeber 2016.

Application Process

Online applications are closed now.  Short listed candidates will be informed in the last week of Oct 2016, following which an interview will take place in person if the candidate is in Bangalore or over phone / Skype otherwise.
Online applications here.
For further clarifications, please write to hr@attakkalari.org


Selected candidates for Fellowship


Mr.Ramamohan T, Anantapur , Andrapradesh, 

Chhau Dance

Master : Guru Bhignharaj Dhada, Mayurbhanj, Oriissa

Status : Completed


Ms.Vivitha V, Palakkad, Kerala


Master: Smt. Usha Nangair, Mizhavukalari, Kerala

Status: Completed


Ms.Shuba, Chennai, Tamilnadu


Master: Sri.Lakshmanan Gurukkual, Kalarigram, Pondichery, Tamil Nadu

Status: Started



For more information, please contact:

Manager - The way of the masters 
Email: projects@attakkalari.org
Photography Credits: Attakkalari