PURUSHARTHA - Key Collaborators

Kunihiko Matsuo
Kunihiko Matsuo was born in 1969 in Mito, Japan. Based in Tokyo, he specializes in interactive technology, audio-visual design and contemporary dance. He is a core member of Nest, a multimedia performance group in Japan. He is also a founder of CMprocess, an artists collective that is working on the border line between technology, performing arts and design, offering an integrated view on digital media system design.

Naoki Hamanaka
Naoki Hamanaka is an architect based in Tokyo, Japan. He is a board member of Nest, a multimedia performing art group based in Tokyo. He designs not only theatre sets but also the systems of performances. His aim is not only to design the objects but also design the triggers of activities.

Mitsuaki Matsumoto
Mitsuaki Matsumoto is a sound performer and sound and video creator based in Japan. He plays in different contexts: acoustic improvised music (bandoneon), electronic sound accompaniment for dance and also in collaboration with instrumentalists of jazz with whom he has performed irregular and improvised music for concerts as well as projects.