Opportunities at Attakkalari

Opportunities to lead national and international projects in performing arts at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bengaluru, India's leading contemporary dance organization. Be a part of innovative and path-breaking dance education initiatives, festivals and productions, and gain unparalleled skills and experiences.

Job Title: Senior Manager –Fundraising and Partnerships




Bengaluru, India

Purpose of the job


The job holder is expected to Identify avenues for growth and expansion as well as potential partners and new sources of grants.

Main opportunities/challenges

• The development of fundraising, grants and Attakkalari partnership programmes• The co-creation of production and programmes with international cultural agencies, national funding partners, corporate establishments, artists and choreographers from India and internationally


Main responsibilities

Grants and Partnerships


  • This role is responsible to lead a new fundraising strategy and take it forward and make things happen. Responsible for writing proposals to secure private and public funding from national, international, and government-related sources; managing those relationships, reporting on outcomes, and diligently researching new opportunities for funding. The role will work closely with the Director and Program Heads to support fundraising activities and partnership opportunities to strengthen them.
  • In charge of the programme development of the organization,  ensuring strategic financial planning and gaining the maximum visibility for the organisation at national and international levels.


Financial management

  • Have well-defined working knowledge of drawing budgets and financial analysis for projects.
  • Planning and successful management of new grant applications
  • Have a very strong understanding of financial reporting, managing costs and expenses and identifying ways of closing financial gaps through on ground solutions
  • Ability to interpret internal financial planning and reporting systems and demonstrate the reporting of data accurately across various meetings and focus groups



Stakeholder relationship and people management


  • Keep a well-defined relationship with existing and prospective partners, partner-funders and collaborators to ensure sustainability
  • Work on a well-defined plan with internal stakeholders and colleagues to reach the targets set out to the post holder
  • Work with the Attakkalari Resources team to ensure financial compliances and risk management as per the organisations business policies and host the ability to foresee business risks


Monitoring and Evaluation


  • Work with internal teams to integrate evaluation metrics across all projects and programme verticals and host the ability to report and implement them clearly




Applicant’s competencies – will be used for shortlisting and the interview

  1. Minimum 5 years of work experience in Arts Management/ Development sector / Fundraising in India or abroad
  2. Candidates must have the initiative, independent decision-making capabilities, creativity, leadership qualities and entrepreneurial flair to work in this position.
  3. Has hands-on experience in large-scale programme initiatives
  4. Has experience in fundraising and ensured business growth of organisations/departments with measurable evidence
  5. Experience of partnership and stakeholder management across large-scale projects and programmes
  6. Hands-on experience of project and financial management of large-scale arts projects.
  7. Robust working knowledge of financial management, budgeting, financial reporting of projects and programmes
  8. Experience of working across diverse teams with effective goals being generated and known to be a team player
  9. Writes and communicates clearly and holds thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite programmes, digital and digital marketing tools and controls

HR information

Shortlisting and Interview

In-station candidates shortlisted for the interview will be notified by HR of their face-to-face meeting

Outstation candidates shortlisted for the interview will be invited for a telephonic or Skype interview


Commitment timeline is at least 2 years.


Salary will be commensurate with qualifications, experience and capabilities.

Last date of submitting application

5 th December 2018



Attakkalari has opportunities for people in Bangalore and elsewhere, who are interested to learn a new trade, gain experience and be part of a committed team in delivering many exciting projects. You should be adventurous, a team player and always ready to learn and try out new things. It offers the opportunity to work in various contexts with several artists, professionals from other disciplines, and national and international organizations broadening your horizon.

For further details of the job opportunities and to register your name please contact

Photography Credits: Divya Babu & Sanjay Arora