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January 2019
Vol: 001


Move to Transform
Attakkalari’s Interim Festival marks the launch of Attakkalari’s new strategic direction

Keeping with Attakkalari’s tradition of spreading the reach of Contemporary Movement Arts and providing a platform for cutting edge innovative practices across the globe, we are proud to announce the Attakkalari Interim Festival 2019,presenting a multitude of international performances and transdisciplinary partnership projects, to be held at Ranga Shankara Theatre and Attakkalari Studios in Bangalore between 1 - 10 February 2019

With the contemporary arts community growing steadily in India, the festival focuses on creating opportunities and strengthening international collaborations to produce thought-provoking original new work. The festival will witness ground-breaking performances and collaborative projects from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and Spain, Britain, France and Korea to mention a few. While Hauptaktion Dance Company’s Situation with Doppleganger from Germany deals with the appropriation of “black” and other forms of minority dances in pop culture, Andrea Peña and Company from Canada looks at Resilience as the capacity of a strained body to recover after deformation. Switzerland’s CocoonDance explores rhythm and speed as the only driving force for a unified movement and the Daniel Abreu Company, Spain investigates the concept of construction and destruction. The exciting line-up of performances at the festival has something for everyone!

This festival marks the launch of a new phase for Attakkalari’s strategic initiatives. With education and outreach at the core of all our activities, we are moving to a bigger and more spacious space to accommodate more individuals interested in understanding and learning different forms of Movement Arts.

The Attakkalari Interim Festival promises to be an important festival for the Contemporary Movement Arts in India, South Asia and beyond. The festival offers different genres of memorable performances as well as multiple models of transdisciplinary explorations. The Festival is organised by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in partnership with Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Karnataka Tourism, Ministry of Culture (Govt. of India), Ministry of Tourism (Govt. of India),  Swiss Arts Council, Spanish Embassy and supported by Canada Council for the Arts,Consulate General (Canada), Consulate General (Germany), Fuel Theatre (London), R & D studio (UK), Accion Cultural espanola, Institut Francais, Crossing the Sea, Fabrica Europa, Arts Council Korea, Ente Di Promozione Danza, SIDANCE.

All evening performances will be held at Ranga Shankara at 7:30 PM while the workshops will be held at the Attakkalari Studios.

The festival opens with SITUATION WITH DOPPELGÄNGER, a performance by Julian Warner & Oliver Zahn from Germany, the focus country for the Attakkalari Interim Festival 2019 

Developed from a workshop with French maverick choreographer Ali Salmi, sixty dancers from the Attakkalari Diploma Programme present a site-specific performance to mark the opening ceremony on 1st February 6 pm at Ranga Shankara Foyer

For more details visit www.attakkalari.org

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Tickets are available at Attakkalari Office, Second Cross, Wilson Garden, and Ranga Shankara box-office

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In the News
Essence International 2.0

Essence 2.0 is the second edition of the Dance Camp to provide much needed continuous professional development programme for dancers. Aimed at movement practitioners with a minimum of two years’ experience, Essence 2.0 will be led by eminent international dance artists sharing their insights and wisdom gained through years of practice. Focused training and mentorship are tailored to suit the needs of dancers aspiring to build their career nationally and internationally. The sessions will help the practitioners update their skills and gain an insight into the ‘essence’ of becoming a professional performing artist. Held at the state of the art, spacious and well-equipped Attakkalari Studios, Essence 2.0 is structured in modules allowing the participants to choose either the entire course or specific modules.
For more details about the workshops and to register, please write to activities@attakkalari.org

Schedule and more details here

Incubation Centre for the Arts and Media (ICAM)

Attakkalari is happy to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative, the Incubation Centre for the Arts and Media (ICAM), providing opportunities for artists to engage in transdisciplinary exploration involving dance and performing arts. Leveraging the fast-evolving ecology of creative entrepreneurship of Bangalore and the presence of increasing number of arts practitioners from diverse backgrounds in the city, ICAM will help to forge creative collaborations and partnerships among artists and organisations. Working with Attakkalari’s national and international partners, ICAM strives to bring artists and resources under a collective umbrella to offer a safe, supportive and encouraging space to engage in creative experimentation leading to prototyping, production and performance of original performance works. The works thus created will be considered for dissemination through Attakalari’s Mobile Theatre initiative to tier 2 cities in India as well as internationally through our partners and their networks.

In this first edition of the ICAM Residency, six Indian dance artists will be collaborating with a Canadian and two Italian dance companies to prototype for their possible partnerships while two Korean dance artists will continue with their creative project and engage with local dancers. The visiting artists will be engaging with the local dance scene workshops and informal interactions as well. The residency commences on 4 February leading to a ‘Work in Progress’ presentation on 8 February. The artists will continue with their collaborative works in different locations and will complete the production at a future date. By forging wider partnerships and pooling resources, ICAM will give a big boost to the creative spirit among young dance and movement artists to conceive new initiatives in Movement Arts, which in turn will foster the career of many budding professional artists and their projects.

More details here

Bengaluru Youth Dance Project

Attakkalari launches innovative short courses in different styles of dance, martial art, yoga, fitness and theatre for aspiring youngsters between 5 and 30 years of age starting on Saturday 5 January 2019 leading to a public performance - Santhulan - on 4 May 2019 Saturday at ADA Rangamandira aided by state-of-the-art stage technologies. Customized classes for different age groups offer a great way to forge friendships and begin a journey of self-discovery, nourishment and holistic development in the New Year. An opportunity not to be missed, where learning is enjoyable, fun, brilliant and yet at times challenging in a good way, helping to find the dancer in you, thus bringing positive transformations to your life.

The courses will: Provide new skills, techniques and movement ideas

  • Improve spatial and physical awareness, condition, fitness and strength as well as line and alignment
  • Nurture musicality, versatility, creativity, and the ability to work in a team and individually
  • In-depth training catering for each dancer’s development and progression
  • Enhance brain and neuroplasticity, comprehension, memory and the agility of the mind and body
  • A public performance celebrating the achievements of individual and the team instilling self-confidence and values

Download the brochure here
For details on registration please write to activities@attakkalari.org

Attakkalari Interim Festival Performance Details
Julian Warner & Oliver Zahn, Germany

Situation with Doppelganger is an essay performance about dancing that deals with the appropriation of “black” and other forms of minority dances in the pop culture and minstrel shows of the 19th century. Julian Warner & Oliver Zahn dance a gruelling line-up of black and white dance styles that have been appropriated and commercialised throughout European and American culture. What is the significance of dances? Do they belong to anybody in particular and who then is allowed to perform them? Situation with Doppelganger examines the construction of authenticity, identity and the process of cultural appropriation in its various manifestations.

7:30PM / 1 February 2019 (Friday)
Venue: Ranga Shankara

More details here

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Outdoor Dance Floor (30 minutes)
Outdoor Dance Floor by Salvatore Lombardo reinterprets the contemporary clubbing aesthetics, replacing its imaginaries both in the theatrical and unconventional spaces. With this performance, the choreographer identifies the club culture as a hybrid dimension in which dance and music become a territory of “possibilities" for the bodies pulsating to the beat of techno music. The performance seeks to embody the act of pure sharing, sociality and aggregation of bodies.

Joseph (30 minutes)
The body in the age of fluidity and interconnection, represents the bulwark, through which we find ourselves again. It is a door to the world, a symbol of the past, but also an active subject that launches a powerful cry for the future. A tool that can be used to make an iconographic journey around the theme of conflict and resilience. The performance derives from the stories found in the letters written by soldier Joseph B to his loved ones.

Chandini (30 minutes) (A work in progress presentation)
An Indian woman makes a solo journey in the same year that an Indian robot lands on the surface of the moon. Her allegorical journey interweaves perceptions of the female body, rituals, memories and imagination linked to the moon in a series of striking visual images as she negotiates her place in a strange new world.

7:30PM / 2 February 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Ranga Shankara

More details here

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Untitled I (35 minutes)
6.58 ( 50 minutes)
Andrea Peña and Artists, Canada

Untitled I, is an intriguing and magnetizing solo performance which explores human resilience; resilience as the capacity of a strained body to recover after deformation, where the body and the individual surrender and is transformed by alterations in its experience.

6.58 presents an unusual, sensual, and rhythmic exploration of artificiality within our contemporary society, as three disarticulated tableaux.

7:30PM / 3 February 2019 (Sunday)
Venue: Ranga Shankara

More details here

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ICAM Presentation

In the first edition of ICAM Residency, six Indian dance artists will be collaborating with a Canadian and two Italian dance companies to prototype for their possible partnerships, while two Korean dance artists will continue with their creative project and engage with local dancers. ICAM presentation is a showcase of the work developed over a period of time by Indian artists Nihal Pasha, Prashant More, Arathy AR, Virendra Nishad, Hemabharathy Palani and Anindita Ghosh with international artists Davide Valrosso and Salvo Lombardo (Italy), Andrea Pena (Canada), Sangryuly Han & Sojung Park (Korea).

7:30PM / 8 February 2019 (Friday)
Venue: Ranga Shankara

More details here

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Cabeza (50 minutes)
Daniel Abreu Company, Spain

Cabeza arose from the concept of construction-destruction, a place for a beginning and an end. This distant landscape, born from a crevice is shaped by a violent blow halting us and forcing us to contemplate from a distance, in this case, our own thoughts.The work contemplates the fantasies and realities of a torrent of strong energy where logic makes no sense, and where watching the world to see how it moves, ends up being a coherent attitude. With an ever-present physicality, everything expressed comes from the body and its void with swift gestures and scene changes.

7:30PM / 9 February 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Ranga Shankara

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Momentum (45 minutes)
CocoonDance, Switzerland

Momentum unites the movements of three dancers in a structural dimension, purely through rhythm and speed. This physical, sweat inducing choreography and the fusion of light and sound generates a kinetic and hypnotic energy, absorbed by the dancers and audience alike. Momentum plays with the magnetic fascination that derives from the opportunity to lose oneself in the moment and the impulse of movement, allowing physical perception in the here and now.

7:30PM / 10 February 2019 (Sunday)
Venue: Ranga Shankara

More details here

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Photo Credits: Nicole Wytyczak, Klaus Fr+¦hlich, and Attakkalari

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